About Us

    COMPOST SOLUTIONS INC. is a Family Company dedicated to the Creation and Sale of Quality Organic Compost  used by Agriculturists and Gardeners throughout Northern California

    Some members of the Gary Foster family of Orland, CA, have been farming since 1959. It runs the gamut of dairying to row crops, field crops, citrus, olives and almonds. The love for farming evolved because of their thrill in watching plants grow and the detective work involved in solving plant and soil production problems. To add to that, this profession allowed them to make a living in an outdoor environment. Furthermore, they liked rural living and wanted the freedom to go camping and volunteer in their children,s sporting and 4-H activities.

    Together Gary, Scott and Brint represent almost 100 years in the Agricultural Business. They each reinforced their love of the out of doors with college degrees in such things as agronomy, soils and irrigation management, plant science and field crops.

    As the Boys finished College they looked for ways to support their desires to farm, they all worked in the agricultural chemical industry--selling fertilizer and chemicals to growers, running field trials and consulting.
    In the past few years, a niggling feeling of something not ringing quite true began to surface in their minds. Even though more and more synthetic fertilizer was being applied to crops and irrigation methods improved, a proportionate amount of increased production was not occurring. Also, plant nutrition just didn't seem to be what it should.

    Many classes, professional seminars, experiments, and round table discussions later they are convinced they know the answer.


    From these Experiences came
    Compost Solutions, Inc.


    Our quality COMPOST re-supplies depleted nutrients and humic acids to soil.  In addition, it improves soil structure and natural soil biology and thus produces a LIVING SOIL.  As a result plants are more able to ward off disease and pests.  Increased water conservation and prolonged shelf-life of produce are due to elevated plant mineralization fromLIVING SOIL.