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Making Quality Compost

Living Soil with Compost

Trust Compost Solutions for Your Living Soil

The principal ingredients of our compost are Recycled Municipal Green Waste and Dairy Manure. During the formulation process, Making Compost at Compost Solutions, Inc
the compost is heated to 160 degrees through thorough blending with our specialized turner.

This assures you that weed seeds and pathogens, such as e-coli and salmonella, are killed. Several weeks of curing,
following the cooling off process, assures you of a quality finished product.

Good quality finished compost should not have any recognizable ingredients except small sticks (for aeration)
and should have an earthy aroma. Anything else indicates a lack of finish.

Comparing  Compost Solution Inc Compost to any other on the Market will convince you of the quality. A person
needs to feel the texture and catch the aroma of the All Natural Product and sense this Compost will increase your
Water Retention, and supply valuable nutrients back into you Living Soil.

We market both green waste and green waste/dairy manure combination compost.

Why Should You Use Our Compost?Making Compost at Compost Solutions, Inc

• Our Compost contains Natural nutrients to feed your soil and plantings.

• Unlike commercial fertilizers, it supplies not only N, P, and K, but also a blend of essential nutrients plus
organic acids. The efficiency of nutrients from premium compost is much higher than synthetic fertilizer because
they are complexed and aren’t as susceptible to leaching or tie-up (unavailability).

In addition, some nutrients cannot be commercially manufactured.

• Conserve Water while creating a productive Living Soil

• Affordable! Available in Bulk

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