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Wonder of the World- Photosynthesis


Only because most people don’t understand Photosynthesis is it not listed as one of the wonders of the world.

It takes CO2 from the atmosphere along with soil moisture and sunlight and creates energy in the chloroplasts of green leaves to form sugars. These plant sugars are the basis for all plant life. Let me repeat: THESE PLANT SUGARS ARE THE BASIS OF All PLANT LIFE. Sugars are various size carbon chains that make up other compounds including starches, waxes, proteins, organic acids, cellulose, lignins and oils. These carbon chains ( liquid carbon ) move through the plant doing their thing and exit the plant roots in the form of root exudates. These root exudates from a symbolic relationship with soil microbes who in turn help extract nutrients otherwise unavailable to the plant.


To quote Dr. Christine Jones’ article in October 2017 issueAcres Magazine October 2017
(starting on page 12)  of ACRES magazine

“Significantly, many of the carbon compounds derived from the simple sugars formed during photosynthesis are also essential to the creation of well structured topsoil from the lifeless mineral soil produced by the weathering of rocks. Without photosynthesis there would be no soil. Weathered rock minerals, yes…
but fertile topsoil, no.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains are packaged sunlight derived from photosynthesis. The oxygen our cells and the cells of other living things utilize during aerobic respiration is also derived from photosynthesis.”

Therefore, no photosynthesis, no life as we know it!


Graphical representation of photosynthesis