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Soil Grow, New Product Available from Compost Solutions, Inc.


We have introduced a new product at Compost Solutions called Soil Grow. It’s a humified Protein that is an actual Humus.

We’ve introduced this product with the aid of Mid West Biosystems, headquartered in Tampico, Ill.
Its basic ingredients start out like compost but the similarity quickly ends there.

It’s like making compost on steroids, clay is meticulously added coating each particle to aid in capturing the volatile compounds that occur during the rotting process. These volatile compounds comprise a significant amount of the final product which is normally lost to the air. A row turner manufactured by Mid West Biosystems is used and the material is under a specialized tarp most of the 75 days it takes this process to happen. Rigorous temperature and CO2 testing mandating frequent turning are required to assure proper completion of the process. The Humus is graded at finish time as to its efficacy as measured against set standards.

A specialized product made from the Humified Protein is an extract, used much like a compost tea. One big difference is the extract isn’t live biology like a tea so that longevity isn’t an issue. Another big plus is its ability to be tank-mixed with other nutrients. Much like the Humified Protein, the extract creates conditions in the soil that is biology friendly while encouraging good biology to rapidly multiply. It’s phenomenal how biology will multiply given correct conditions.

One of the benefits of the increased biological activity of the soil from the application of Soil Grow is a decrease in Nutrient leaching, such as Nitrate nitrogen, Sulfate Sulfur, and Boron and better recycling of nutrients from crop residues.  The active soil life recycles these materials into the soil much more efficiently and effectively than conventional soil management practices.

The microbes also worked in the soil to increase nutrient uptake in the plants as well as fixing nitrogen from the air.

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