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Growing Tomatoes with Compost Solutions, Inc

Testimonial for Compost Solutions, Inc’s Compost

I want to share some results in my home garden using your compost.

We did not intend this to be an experiment but it turned out that way.  During the first week of May, we planted Ace Tomatoes (that we started in your compost from seed) in a new garden area that we amended with your compost.

The plants were about 6″ tall.

At the same time, I couldn’t resist buying a potted Ace tomato that was very full and 12″ tall.

I put this in a corner that did not have your compost added to it.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. The seedlings in compost are now much larger and have many more blossoms than the plant in original soil.

Thank you Compost Solutions for the “Miracle Soil”! ! !

Karen Mulholland

Davis, California

With and wiothout Compost Solution's Compost